Anshul Lalit

Hello! I work as a leadership interface to empower Digital transformation for organizations and startups. I help companies understand the potential of DevOps transformation and how to make it count.

Through my pro bono work, and to give back to the tech community, I help and show companies how to work on strategic initiatives to evangelize DevOps, shift-left security practices, and cultivate a culture for continuous deliveries, process assurance and quality. I am passionate about what I do and always remain hungry to learn more and contribute.

I am also an ambassador and Nordic chapter owner of DevOps Institute. I have been a keynote speaker at several conferences, published several papers, articles and have been featured in magazines like Digital Energy Journal. Occasionally I blog; cc'd on LinkedIn and Medium.

I can help your organization or startup to realize your Continuous Delivery potential and help you smooth sail on your DevOps journey!

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Public Speaking

I speak at various conferences, webinars and private events related to technology, DevOps, and business leadership. I also facilitate round table discussions, and breakout sessions for leadership and technical audience.

Example sessions, keynotes and testimonials are available here.


I strongly believe in contributing to the tech community hence I devote limited amount of time towards my pro bono engagements with tech companies and startups on how to work on strategic initiatives to evangelize DevOps, develop a culture supporting the journey and improve product quality.

If you would like me to consider taking to you, feel free to reach out here.


So far, I have been involved in limited but significant research including certification courses, academic reviews, whitepapers and more. My approach is not restricted and I also use survey based studies.

I am interested in applied knowledge of Six Sigma in DevOps, and if you could like to collaborate with me, reach out here.

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An upcoming (free) webinar for startup executives on how to kickstart DevOps journey.

Wednesday, 30th September
7pm-8pm CEST

During this exclusive webinar, you will…


Understand DevOps

This webinar will help you understand what this buzz is all about. You will learn how DevOps impacts your software development methodologies and how it helps you gain maturity overtime.

Evaluate Your Team

Once you understand the meaning of DevOps and how it affects various dimensions of software development & delivery, you will be able to do a quick assessment on where your team stands.

Kickoff DevOps

Too much? While you may not fly high based on this 1 hour webinar, you will have an adequate idea on how DevOps can impact the way you deliver software how to begin your DevOps journey.